Okay, I've gone back to the one page idea, with each section in it's own lj-cut link. It's also been alphebetized. Eventually I'll get around to updating the links and adding summaries, I guess.

Anita Blake

http://pommedesang.com/ - Pomme de Sang: an Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Fiction Archive

Avatar the Last Airbender

http://keelywolfe.livejournal.com/467530.html#cutid1 - Taking Turns Series, final chapter, but with link to rest of story within, Sokka/Suki, Sokka/Zuko


http://bleach.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600010381&chapter=5 - What Yachiru Wants by Uzaki, WIP, Ch5, KenIchi

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

http://buffy.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600030706 - Another Victim by LemonKitty, S/X

http://shadowsalcove.ravenshadow.net/satwilight.htm - Twilight Times, An S/X BtVS Fic

http://nummytreats.forsaken-faith.org/archive/index.php - NummyTreats: Moist and Delicious, a Xander/Spike Slash archive - DEAD, no new url found

http://parrot.moments-lost.org/earchive/index.php - I Need A Parrot, A Xander Fic Archive

http://members.fortunecity.com/swtchild3/# - Sire, Childe, Witch, Zeppo - A BtVS Fic Archive

http://www.geocities.com/kiwileesa2000/jameschick - Jameschick's Fanfic (favourite is A World Of Their Own, An X/S Fic)

http://www.geocities.com/edibbea/other/seeing1.html - Seeing Beyond Imperfections, An X/S Fic

http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/hdmk1/alex/WAIT.htm - Waiting Here, An X/S Fic

http://dea.certes.tripod.com/buffy/index.htm - Stranger Things Series by Esmeralda, An X/S Fic Series

http://www.geocities.com/kaylafic/stories/buffy/ - Sweet Memories by Kayla

http://www.geocities.com/twistedworlds/authors/scorpio/index.html - Scorpio's Twisted Worlds Profile, Xander Fic

http://www.drizzle.com/~eliade/xs_frivol_again.html - A Week of Wrong by Anna S., Spike/Xander, Humour

http://spanderfiles.net/arvs/amejisuto/thrill.html - Thrill Me!verse by Amejisuto, Spike/Xander, Giles/Ethan

http://mireille719.livejournal.com/1493386.html - The Full Xander Harris Experience by Mireille, Larry/Xander


http://buffy.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544185629 - Full Moon Rising (Also on TtH and PdS), A BtVS/AB Crossover Fic
http://www.pommedesang.com/efiction/viewstory.php?sid=1624&warning=NC-17 - Full Moon Rising (the Pomme de Sang link)
http://www.tthfanfic.com/Story-6330/angelaask Full Moon Rising.htm - Full Moon Rising (the TtH link)

http://www.echosrevenge.com/host/bornin.html - Born In Innocence, Born In Blood, Forged In Flame, A BtVS/AB Crossover Fic

http://beyondcanon.brain-insane.com/fic/viewstory.php?sid=163&warning=10 - Joli Coeur by Carmel Covered Carioca, a BtVS/AB crossover.

http://dnalia.slashcity.net/fic/hidden/hm/hmtitle.htm - Hellmouth Hotel, a BtVS/AB/SG1 Crossover, Password Protected

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600014048&chapter=6 - Harry Potter and the Reckoning by Mokushi Ryuu, WIP, Ch5, HP/AB xover, Jean-Claude/Asher/Harry

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600011581&chapter=2 - Harry Potter and the Ties That Bind, HP/AB

http://books.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544212085 - New Family, An HP/AB Crossover Fic

http://pommedesang.com/efiction/viewstory.php?sid=5445&PHPSESSID=5bc94e656a1fe1ec330c3d23b1240a28 - The Book Shoppe, an HP/AB Crossover
http://pommedesang.com/efiction/viewstory.php?sid=1895 - Black Magic by Moonlight - A HP/AB Crossover

http://www.tthfanfic.com/Story-9349-14/CrazyDan The Child of Rao.htm - The Child of Rao Chapter 14: A WIP BtVS/? Crossover

http://buffy.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600030471&chapter=13 - A Different Life by fareys delight, WIP, Ch 10, BTVS/Bleach, KenIchi, Shu/Xander, ChadIshi, ByaRen

http://buffy.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=35228 - I Will Survive by Scarlet, a BtVS/CSI Vegas crossover.

http://e-fic.com/voracity/childhood/josetteidea.html - To Be Loved by Voracity, BtVS/CSI:M, Xander/Ryan Wolfe/Erik Delko

http://www.e-fic.com/voracity/xover/hacker.html - Techno-Knight by Voracity, BtVS/NCIS/CSI:M,
Xander/Tim Speedle/Tony DiNozzo

http://www.e-fic.com/voracity/xover/ungolden.html - The Ungolden, BtVS/CSI:LV/CSI:NY/CSI:M/NCIS

http://www.e-fic.com/voracity/xover/ditesdoll.html - Aphrodite's Dress Up Doll by Voracity, BtVS/CSI:NY/NCIS, Xander/Danny Messer/Tony DiNozzo

http://e-fic.com/voracity/childhood/sunnydale1.html - Daddyhood by Voracity, BtVS/NCIS/CSI:NY, Xander/Tonny DiNozza (crush in part 1, past relationship in part 2), Xander/Horatio Caine (pre-slash/hints).

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/738076/1/ - Who you Gonna Call?, A BtVS/Ghostbusters Crossover

http://buffy.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600030102&chapter=14 - Paws by Moonkat, WIP, Ch14, BtVS/GW, dimensional travel, magical transformations

http://inkstain.inkquill.com/isf/archive/29/theblood.html - The Blood Curse by Lachesis, HP/Buffy crossover, Harry/Snape

http://buffy.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600030137&chapter=14 - The Darkness Calls by Moonkat, WIP, Ch10, BtVS/Pitch Black, eventual MPreg, species-change, time(dimension?)-travel

http://www.midnight-whispers.com/efic/viewstory.php?sid=3991 - Finding Reality by starlinshadow, a BtVS/QaF crossover, WIP, 2 chapters

http://lisaroquin.popullus.net/yitl/yitl.html - A Year In The Life, A BtVS/SG1 Crossover Fic

http://nummytreats.forsaken-faith.org/archive/viewstory.php?sid=115 - Dimensionally Challenged by Amy, Buffy/Spiderman, Spike/Xander/Peter

http://buffy.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600030708&chapter=3 - Demon's Kin by LemonKitty, WIP, Ch2, Btvs/YYH crossover, Xander is Yusuke's little bro. Heiebara and future Spander

BtVS/Wolf's Rain
http://buffy.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600030518&chapter=4 Pack and Something More by LemonKitty, WIP, Ch4, BtVS/Wolf's Rain (no char cross, but some wolf people), S/X

http://books.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600005456&chapter=10 - Power In Many Forms by LemonKitty, WIP, Ch7, HP/YYH/AB xover, previous Kura/Kuro, current Kura/Koenma and Kuwabara/Hiei/Botan, future Harry/Neville(?)

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600013858&chapter=6 - A Love Thought Impossible by laica-27, WIP, Ch3, HP/BMfM, Throttle/Harry

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=1721 - The Wizard of Silence by Corwalch, WIP, Ch22, HP/Charmed Crossover, semi-au (Harry removes from Dursley's at age 5), no 'ships yet

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=6317 - Wiccan Wizard by Corwalch, WIP, Ch8, HP/Charmed Crossover, semi-au (Harry dumped by Dursley's a few days after getting him), no 'ships yet

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544208335&chapter=11 - Charmed Harry, HP/Charmed crossover, WIP, Ch11

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2471231/1/ - Harry Potter and the Secret Link by Capricious Purple Clarity, HP/GW x-over
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2870665/16/ - Harry Potter and the Forgotten Heirs by Capricious Purple Clarity, WIP, chapter 16, HP/GW x-over

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544207099 - Surrey Troubles, An HP/GW Crossover Fic (WIP)

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600009460&chapter=8 - The Kitten and the Killer by crimson_phoenix, WIP, Ch8, HP/Riddick/Inuyasha/Naruto x-over

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600014275&chapter=5 - Healing the Heart by Yaoi Hentai Goddess, HP/LotR, WIP, Ch5

HP/The Mummy
http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600012975&chapter=1 - Past Love Renewed by Vampirezdarkgurl, HP/Mummy, Harry/Imhotep

http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600094788&chapter=4 - Of Magic and Ninja by Zetsumei Shinigami, WIP, Ch 2, HP/Naruto, KisaIta, SasuNaru

http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600092562&chapter=3 - Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime by crimson_phoenix, HP/Naruto, WIP, Ch3

http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600005386 - Dreams, An HP/Naruto Crossover Fic (WIP)
http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600005527 - Since When Are There Two potters?, An HP/Naruto Crossover Fic (WIP)

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600009411&chapter=11 - Not Alone Anymore by Primal, HP/Pitch Black, WIP, Ch10

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=10665 - Prodigal Son Returns by kaitelynn, an HP/QAF(US) x-over, Brian/Justin and future HP/DM, WIP - 16 chapters.
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2208174/1/ - Prodigal Son Returns, the FF.net link, WIP, 17 chapters.

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600014165&chapter=9 - The General Said I Would Have Days Like This by Lady Firefox, WIP, Ch5, HP/SG1 crossover

http://www.hpfandom.com/eff/viewstory.php?sid=16730&i=1 - Two Shall Be As One by Corwalch, HP/SG1 crossover, WIP, Ch4
http://sgxover.hugosnebula.com/viewstory.php?sid=225&textsize=0&chapter=5 - Two Shall Be As One, the Wormhole Crossing link, CH5

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600007905&chapter=8 - Return of the Ancients by Kat Tenshi Oni, HP/SG1 crossover, WIP, Ch8, 3some, dimension-travel

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewuser.php?uid=264 - Harry Potter and the Heir of Atlantis by Deiselsaliva, an HP/SGA crossover, mentioned Shepperd/McKay & future Ronan/Harry, WIP - 3 chapters.

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/authors.php?no=1296833398 - Savin Me by Fiery_Tigress, HP/Smallville, WIP, Ch6, Lex/Harry/Clark

http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600092031&chapter=2 - Dark Soul by Shi-koi, WIP, ch 2, Naruto/Stargate, Gaara-centric, possible GaaNaru in the future

http://www.visionsofprettyboys.com/Smallville/GeneTherapy.htm - Gene Therapy by Lady Ra, SGA/Smallville, ClarkLex, John/Rodney

http://yuyu.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600200143&chapter=6 - YYH/GW, A Glint in the Snow, WIP, Ch6

http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/41868 - Enma's Torment Theatre, A YYH/Slayers AU Crossover

Misc Crossover Sites
http://www.tthfanfic.com/ - Twisting the Hellmouth, a Buffy Crossover Fic Archive

http://forums.fictionalley.org/park/showthread.php?s=5c5e17e98e71f5addcc4a9627c1451ba&threadid=60290 – Harry Potter. FictionAlley Masterlist of Crossovers

http://sgxover.hugosnebula.com/index.php - Wormhole Crossing, an SG1 + SGA crossover archive

http://sga.fictionresource.com/ - SGA Crossroads, A Slash Fanfic Archive, has some crossover


http://www.nickandgreg.com/desert_archive/viewuser.php?action=favstor&uid=324&sid=81 - My Profile On 'What Makes A Desert Beutiful: A Nick/Greg Archive'
http://www.nickandgreg.com/ - What Makes A Desert Beautiful: A Nick/Greg Archive


http://www.syldra.net/kenkeru/ - Tarnished Wings, A Digimon (TK/Ken) Fansite


http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/club/3729/ - Training, a Dinotopia fanfic, David/OMC(Sebastian)


http://community.livejournal.com/eragonslash/ - And Eragon Slash livejournal community.

Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts

http://www.karose.com/literature/glass/index.html - Glass Slipper, a Rude/Reno FF7 Fic

http://www.geocities.com/hamina_hamina/recovery.html - Recovery, a Vincent/Cloud FF7 Fic
http://www.geocities.com/hamina_hamina/chaos.html - Chaos, Sequel to Recovery, a Vincent/Cloud FF7 Fic

http://doushi-sumeragi.net/fanfic/ - Title Pending, A Seifer/Squall FF8 Fic Archive

http://www.angelfire.com/goth/inkpoisoning/index.html - Poison Ink, A Misc Game Fic Archive

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1048901/13/ - Stygian Solace, a Riku/Sora, Kingdom Hearts fic, Chapter 12

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1848278/1/ - The Magic of the Earth and the Sky by Flare Haynekie, Riku/Sora, Axel/Roxas, Leon/Cloud, Irvine/Selphie, Wakka/Tidus

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2589599/1/Illusions - Illusions by Sadoshiin, FF8, Seifer/Squall

http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/club/3728/ - FF9, Innocence Reborn, Blank/Kuja

http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/view/221718/ - Knock, KH, Leon/Cloud/Sora

Finding Nemo

http://amanuensis1.livejournal.com/41077.html - An Interlude on Mount Wannahockaloogie, A Gill/Nemo Fic
https://archiveofourown.org/works/10961 - What It Feels Like, Unnoficial Sequel To 'An Interlude on Mount Wannahockaloogie', A Gill/Nemo Fic

Fullmetal Alchemist

http://toukakoukan.com/ - Toukan Koukan, an FMA fic archive


http://gbyaoiarchive.iwarp.com/ - Just One Minute: A getbackers Yaoi Archive


http://celeb.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544209978 - Friends With Benefits by sakuranbo nayamu

http://celeb.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544196871 - Just Goes to Show by the way out is

http://celeb.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544191046 - All Of Which Makes Me Anxious by the way out is

Gundam Wing

http://www.gundam-wing-universe.net/fanfiction/menu.php?id=535 - LittleMouse's GW Fic
http://www.gundam-wing-universe.net/fanfiction/menu.php?id=319 - Pixie Smith's GW Fic

http://raygunworks.net/ - Raygun Works, a GW site

http://calic0cat.freeservers.com/ - Calic0cat's Gundam Wing Fanfics

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/934951/1/ - Parapsychology, A GW AU Fic

http://aenai.steelsong.com/heartfelt/SceptorPrologue.htm - The Scepter, A GW AU Fic

http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/44449 - Chimaera, A 1x2 GW Fic

http://4dw.net/deathndragon/index.html - Runaway (go to fanfictions and then The Hanger, it is under Tench-Chan), A 1x5x2 Fic

http://gw-eos.50megs.com/ - Eos' Gundam Wing Shrine

http://www.arigatomina.com/fanworks.html - Arigatomina's Anime Fanworks
http://www.arigatomina.com/fanfiction/gw/bml-01.html - Buy Me Love, A 3x4 AU Fic (Seems complete, but authors site has 'TBC' at end of fic)

http://gwyaoi.sehro.org/ - A GW Yaoi Rec site, mainly 1x2. They are finally back, but not really up and running just yet - they have a lot of stuff to re-upload, after all.

http://www.gwaddiction.com/ - Gundam Wing Addiction, a GW Fanfic Archive

http://gundam-wing-diaries.150m.com/ -Debs-Dragon- Gundam Wing Diaries, a GW fanfic site

http://www.geocities.com/ashkara12/DatD/dawnPro.html - Darkness at Dawn by Ashkara, 1x2, 3x4, fantasy au

http://mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/78032 - Equinity by Shenlong, a 2x1/3x4 fic
http://mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/110231 - Time, Fault and Out by Shenlong, a 2x1/3x4/13x6 fic
http://mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/135946 - Going for the Gold by Shenlong, a 2x1/3x4/13x6 fic, WIP

Harry Potter

http://partial-eclipse.net/lists/index.html - Lists of Lists ...the Harry Potter Fanfiction Resource, some crossover recs

http://www.restrictedsection.org/ - Restricted Section, an NC-17 Harry Potter Archive

http://www.pornbunnyfarm.com/pages/andthentherewerethree.html - And Then There Were Three by swtalmnd, Snape/Harry/Draco, Courting Fic

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600010762&chapter=21 - So This Is Love by midka, Harry/Snape, Fred/George/Draco

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600015406&chapter=32 - La Liberté de Breen à Vivre by morganlefay1958, WIP, Ch33, Harry/Snape

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600011288&chapter=4 - Harry Potter and the Silver Mage by Mokushi Ryuu, WIP, Ch4, future Harry/OMC

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600010196&chapter=7 - Panthera by vbollman, WIP, Ch5, future Harry/Snape
http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600009005&chapter=7 - Lilly Rose by vbollman, WIP, Ch 6, Harry/Snape
http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600009182&chapter=7 - Learning to Live Again by vbollman, WIP, Ch5, future/past Snape/Remus, future Harry/?(?)
http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600010346&chapter=4 - Bonds That Tie by vbollman, WIP, Ch3, possible future Harry/Snape/Lucius(?)
http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600011552&chapter=5 - Hope's Refuge by vbollman, WIP, Ch4, future Harry/OMC
http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600008996&chapter=9 - Darkmoon and Light by vbollman, WIP, Ch8, future Snape/Lucius and Harry/Draco(?)
http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600009181&chapter=11 - Dragon Rose by vbollman, WIP, Ch9, Harry/Snape
http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544213283&chapter=14 - To Defeat A Dark Lord by vbollman, WIP, Ch12, Harry/Snape

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600008898&chapter=7 - Songbird by Dark Illusions, WIP, Ch7, future Harry/Snape

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600013127&chapter=13 - Among Other Things by Startsuki17, WIP, Ch13, Remus/Sirius, Snape/Harry preslash

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=18383&i=1 - Azkaban's Heir by Katling, WIP Ch 23

http://brain-insane.com/beyond/fic/viewstory.php?sid=2597&warning=10 - The War Against Tradition by caliadragon, WIP, Ch5, Percy/Harry/Lucius, Hermione/Draco/Ron, Snape/Remus, Blaise/OMC

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=19564 - Of Kings and Wizards by Calanor, WIP, Ch2

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=17669 - Of Royal Blood by The_Minx_17, WIP, Ch3, Harry/Draco

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=18292 - Love Knows No Bounds by The_Minx_17, WIP, Ch2, Harry/Snape, Harry/Salazar

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=17868 - Dumbledore's Great Mistake by Elle, WIP, Ch12, Snape/OMC, Sirius/Remus, other pairings to come

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=18012 - Gypsy Caravan by witchdragon, WIP, Ch81, OMC/OMC, Snape/OMC, Sirius/Remus, Harry/Draco

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=18148 - Broken Boy's Requiem by Blinded_HP, WIP, Ch3, Future Harry/Draco

http://nifty.nisusnet.com/nifty/gay/celebrity/return-of-the-heirs/ - Harry Potter and the Return of the Heirs by J.C. Vascardi, WIP, Ch19, Bill Weasley/OMC, Oliver Wood/OMC, Justin Finch-Fletchley/OMC, past Bill Weasley/Harry Potter
http://archive.worldofslash.com/viewstory.php?sid=2&textsize=0&chapter=32 - Harry Potter and the Return of the Heirs, alternate link, WIP, Ch 32

http://archive.worldofslash.com/viewstory.php?sid=1&chapter=4 - Unexpected Love by J.C. Vascardi, WIP, Ch4, future Cedric/Harry

http://www.ficwad.com/viewstory.php?sid=38122 - The Sleeping Dragon Wakes by AncientzDream, WIP, Ch 10, Dark/Independent/Powerful!Harry, no real pairings yet

http://www.greyblue.net/MidnightBlue/story.php?storyid=2 - Mirror of Maybe by Midnight Blue, WIP, 20 Chapters + 1 out-of-sequence chapter so far.

http://www.fictionalley.org/authors/ajesblue/ - AjesBlue @ FictionAlley

http://www.hpfandom.net/ - HPFandom, an HP Fic Archive

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=14142 - Cherished Soul by maur4mee, an H/D WIP - 19 chapters so far

http://chocolatefrog.net/fire+ice/ - Fire & Ice: A Ron/Draco Slash Archive

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2493456/1/ - Bond, an HP/DM Fic

http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/gallery/rusneko/harrypotterdouj/ - An HP/DM Yaoi Doujinshi

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=4056 -The Flipside of Sanity, An HP/SS Fic

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=5702 - Bound!, An HP/DM Fic

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=6969 - The Vanteerian Charm, An HP/SS Fic

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewuser.php?uid=898 - Eriador117's HPFandom Profile (I only like a few of his fics, and they are shown below.)
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=5728 - Tears of the Sun, An HP/SS Fic
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=7047 - Secret Corners, An HP/SS Fic
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=5597 - Parallel Lines, An HP/SS Fic
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=5242 - Hope Has A Place, An HP/SS Fic
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=9998 - Dark Angel, An HP/SS Fic
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=5861 - Blood Tides, An HP/SS Fic
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=12545 - Into My Hands, An HP/SS Fic
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=5394 - Slytherin Kisses, An HP/SS Fic
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=8707 - Everything's Not Lost, HP/SS, previous HP/Cedric, Mpreg

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewuser.php?uid=330 - Vorabiza's HPFandom Profile (Just read all Vorabiza's fics, they're great! Here's my most fav of them -)
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=2199 - Malfoy Flavor, An HP/DM Fic
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=3397 - Malfoy Child, An HP/DM Fic
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=3140 - Summertime Kids, Sequel to Malfoy Child, An HP/DM Fic
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=6256 - Secrets, An HP/DM Fic
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=2383 - Lockdown, An HP/DM Fic

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1837793/1/ - Black Truth by InferiorBeing, HP/DM

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=17010 - When You Least Expect It by shanfawn16, HP/NL
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=17111 - When You Least Expect It: Harry's POV
by shanfawn16, HP/NL
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=17279 - What You Never Expected by shanfawn16, Sequel to When You Least Expect It, HP/NL

http://baseportal.de/cgi-bin/baseportal.pl?htx=/honeycakehorse/main&localparams=1&range=0,20 - The Harry/Weasley Slash Archive

http://baseportal.de/cgi-bin/baseportal.pl?htx=/honeycakehorse/main&localparams=1&db=main&cmd=list&range=0,20&cmd=all&Id=5 - Just Tie a Knot by LinW (Nesting Hedwig), a Bill/Harry, Lucius/Harry, Voldemort/Harry, Others/Harry fic, MPreg, NonCon, Crossdressing

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=12624 - Sentinel in the Shadow by lilyseyes, Snape/Harry

http://www.schnoogle.com/authorLinks/Beren/Gold_Tinted_Spectacles/ - Gold Tinted Spectacles by Beren, HP/DM

http://www.fictionalley.org/authors/maya/IYARM.html - If You've a Ready Mind by Maya, HP/DM, RW/HG, various short-term relationships, a Ravenclaw!Malfoy fic.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3163139/1/ - Raspberry Jam by v v c, HP/DM

http://www.mts.net/~bishop/HarryPotter/The%20Secret%20to%20Redemption.htm - The Secret to Redemption by VicXntric, Oliver/Percy

http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=anal_cram_ink&keyword=The+Boy+Who+Lived+A+Bit&filter=all - The Boy Who Lived A Bit by anal_cram_ink, Snape/Harry
http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=anal_cram_ink&keyword=Wrong+On+So+Many+Levels&filter=all - Wrong On So Many Levels by anal_cram_ink, Snape/Harry
http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=anal_cram_ink&keyword=Care+Of+Magical+Teenagers&filter=all - Care of Magical Teenagers by anal_cram_ink, Harry/Snape, Fred/George/Hermione

http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=anal_cram_ink&keyword=Beaters+%26+Seekers&filter=all - Beaters & Seekers by anal_cram_ink, Ch 47

http://crys.fanficauthors.net/Scion_of_Gryffindor/index.php - Scion of Gryffindor, Harry/Tonks

http://brain-insane.com/beyond/fic/viewstory.php?sid=3229&warning=9 - My Soul's Dearest Wish by Shedoc, Harry/Rom, Sirius/Remus

http://brain-insane.com/beyond/fic/viewstory.php?sid=3464&warning=9 - Head Heart and Soul by Shedoc, Harry/Ron

http://brain-insane.com/beyond/fic/viewstory.php?sid=3463&warning=9 - Hatches Matches and Dispatches by Shedoc, Harry/Ron, Mpreg

http://brain-insane.com/beyond/fic/viewstory.php?sid=3462&warning=9 - Growing Pains by Shedoc, Harry/Ron

http://brain-insane.com/beyond/fic/viewstory.php?sid=3364&warning=9 - Sympathetic Magic by Shedoc, Harry/Ron, Mpreg

http://brain-insane.com/beyond/fic/viewstory.php?sid=3466&warning=8 - Time Storm by Shedoc, Harry/Ron

http://brain-insane.com/beyond/fic/viewstory.php?sid=3538&warning=9 - The Mage and the Potion Master by Shedoc, Harry/Ron

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2353928/1/Bound - Bound by lillyseyes, Harry/Snape

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=2653 - Primary Care by The Senjou, Remus/Snape, Harry/Draco
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=5465 - Facing the Strange by The Senjou, Harry/Draco
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=6649 - Essential Care by The Senjou, Remus/Snape, Harry/Draco

http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=immortalis_&keyword=%2A&filter=all - An Unconventional Relationship by TCRegan and Sophie Richard's, Harry/Snape

http://archive.skyehawke.com/story.php?no=7928 - Release From Bondage by Elanor, Harry/Snape

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544199632 - Mine by tas, Snape/Harry

http://www.thesilversnitch.net/fic/viewstory.php?sid=9401 - Picture Perfect by Tas, Harry/Draco

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=33394 - Jade and the Silver Dragon by Tas, Harry/Draco

http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=16867 - Getting Down To Business by Alaana Fair, Harry/Draco

http://www.geocities.com/miss1417/Star_Index.html - Ordinary World by Starkindler, Harry/Snape, Remus/Sirius, Fred/Draco

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3226070/1/The_Bodyguard - The Bodyguard by Luuuurve, HP/DM

http://snakeling.livejournal.com/32636.html - And death shall have no dominion by snakeling, Harry/Ghost!Teen!Snape

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1691900/1/Ghosts - Ghost by ntamara, Harry/Ghost!Teen!Snape (future Ghost!Teen!Harry/Ghost!Teen!Snape)
http://www.hpfandom.net/eff/viewstory.php?sid=14378 - Dearest Harry: Eileen's Story by Quill Lumos, H/D, Snape-is-Harry's-Uncle/Lily's-Brother

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2469563/1/Harry_Potter_and_the_Veela_Promise -
Harry Potter and the Veela's Promise by Mione5, H/D, veela!Draco

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3381404/1/Harry_Potter_and_the_Treaty_of_Axilium - Harry Potter and the Treaty of Axilium, Harry/OMC, elves

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2318355/1/Make_A_Wish - Make a Wish by Rorschach's Blot, Gen, Humour

http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600012233 - Looking and Touching by Yami Bakura, Scorpius/Albus Severus and H/D

http://www.geocities.com/dragonhidequills/HeirofCorvus.html - Heir of Corvus I by Lady-Treason, OMC/OMC, Jarry raised by vamps and is magically made into vamp pureblood. (if anybody knows where the sequels are, would totally appreciate it, all the links I've found are broken)

Hikaru no Go

http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/45537 - Balance, A Hikaru/Akira HnG Fic

Initial D

http://anime.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544209054 - Stage Four by trowacko

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2206051/1/ - Meet the Parents by Rill


http://inu.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600091924&chapter=6 - Yuudai no Keikoki by Aisling Aine, WIP, Ch6, Sess/Inu

Invader Zim

http://www.angelfire.com/comics/dreamer0/index.html - The Ultimate SLASH Page OF DOOM!!!! An Invader Zim Slash Archive

http://cartoon.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544190901 -VINDICATION, a Zim/Dib, ZADR fic

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2494758/1/You_Deserve_Better - You Deserve Better by Reigning Fire, Zim/Dib

Jak and Daxter

http://games.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600081113&chapter=11 - Talk to Me by Robin, WIP, Ch11, Jak/Dax
http://members.adultfanfiction.net/profile.php?no=1296807234&view=story&zone=games - Hell, take all of Robin's Jaxter fics. They're all so hot and awesome!

http://games.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544181690&chapter=18 - And It Calls by jemisard, WIP, Ch18, Jak/Dax

Jurassic Park

http://geocities.com/amy_t_s/lohb.html - The Last of His Breed, A Jurassic Park Fic

Lord of the Rings

http://www.libraryofmoria.com/ - The Library of Moria, a Lord of the Rings fanfic archive

Miscellaneous Fic

http://lisaroquin.popullus.net/ - The Fanfic Site of Lisa Roquin

http://community.livejournal.com/crossovers100/profile - The Crossovers100 Livejournal

http://slashsluts.populli.net/ - Slash Slut's Recs

http://unfortunateslight.net/cs/ - Chaotic Seduction, Tazzy's Fanfic Site

http://sperrywink.livejournal.com/tag/my+fanfic - sperrywink's Criminal Minds and Criminal Minds/NCIS fanfic.

http://anime.adultfanfiction.net/authors.php?no=1296791750 - dextrousleftie's AFF profile

http://www.zelas.net/darkroses/ - Dark Roses

http://www.litgal.vague-disclaimer.org/ficpage.htm - LitGal's Fanfic

http://www.geocities.com/qafkaite/ - Kaitelynn's misc QAF(US) fic arcive, mostly QAF(US) crossovers.

http://www.mediaminer.org/ - MediaMiner, A Misc Fic Archive

http://www.anime-palace.org/ - Anime Palace, a Misc Fic Archive

http://www.fichaven.org/ - Fichaven.org, A Misc Fic Archive

http://glassonion.populli.org/ - The Glass Onion Archive, A Misc Fic Archive

http://voracity.e-fic.com/ - Voracity's Imagining's, A Misc Fic Archive

http://www.adultfanfiction.net/ - AdultFanFiction.Net, A Misc Fic Archive

http://www.fanfiction.net – A misc fic archive, sister-site to FictionPress.com

http://home.arcor.de/macx/index.html - the Fanfic Vault, A Misc Fic Archive (Home to the Denuo Multi-Crossover Arc)

http://mpreg.brain-insane.com/ - MPreg Archive, A Misc Mpreg Fic Archive

http://www.bishink.org/bishink/ourhouse.html - Bishonink, A Misc Fic Archive

http://www.sundive.co.uk/ - Elfin Productions, A Misc Fic Archive (I Mainly Read PoT Fics)

http://www.geocities.com/aquaticdreams2005/index.html - Aquatic Dreams, A Misc Fic Archive

http://members.lycos.co.uk/macgregor/ - Xandria's World of Fanfic, A Misc Fic Archive

http://www.hiddenlegacy.net/ - Hidden Legacy: A site for the works of Kelly Moon, pen-name Aphrael.

http://scribescribbles.com/ - Scribe Scribbles

http://www.e-fic.com/athea/ - Athea's Writings, A Misc Fic Archive

http://desiderium.slashcity.net/ - The Caroline Crane Portal (I Read Usually The BWoC Fics)

http://www.squidge.org/~minotaur/5data.html - Minotaur's Slash Page Database

http://www.geocities.com/hergerbabe/ - Hergerbabe's Fanfiction (I usually read her Xena/Herc and Big Wolf on Campus fics)

http://noiresensus.com/ - Noire Sensus, A Misc Slash Archive

http://www.paranoid.nl/avalon/ - Morgana's Slash Archive

http://fleetingfancies.nokoru.net/ - Fleeting/Passing Fancies, A Fic Rec Archive

http://wingedtora.tripod.com/index.html - Twilight Garden, A Fic and Rec Site

http://aarinfantasy.com/ - AarinFantasy, a yaoi collection
http://www.aarinfantasy.com/forum - AarinFantasy Forum

Miscellaneous Other

http://rpg.remuse.co.uk/index.php - Remuse, an RPG site.

http://www.twokindredspirits.net/ - Two Kindred Spirits (Seems to be missing links to real site)

http://www.forchan.net/ - Forchan.Net, Home of ForChan Cookies/MissFortune

http://www.firstgroup.com/scotrail/index.php - The ScotRail Website

http://www.profantasy.com/ - ProFantasy Software LTD, a fantasy creation software shop

http://www.animalxing.com/ - An Animal Crossing/Animal Crossing Wild World Fansite

https://www.aquarterof.co.uk/ - An Online Sweet Shop

http://www.pinkpt.com/ - A Neopets Fansite

http://wwoecforum.com/ - A Yaoi/Yuri/Het Art forum

http://lilytribe.sugandya.com/ - A Yuri Art Site

http://www.lilformers.com/home.php - Lil Formers, a Transformers Parody Website

http://www.vgcats.com - VG Cats, a Parody Website

http://www.lulu.com/uk - Lulu, an online publishing website/shop.

http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i163/Jordan_Rinehart/jordansword.jpg - A Sketch of Jordan

http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/ - Skeptic's Annotated Bible


http://sasuxnaruislove.snowfaerie.net/index.php - SasuNaru Doujinshi Scanlation Site

http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600094591&chapter=6 - May It Be by Lady Laran, KakaIru, NejiNaru

http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600092029&chapter=2 - Taboo by Shi-koi, WIP, ch 2, eventual ItaNaru

http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600093824&chapter=3 - War and Regret by BlackVixin, WIP, Ch3, KyuuNaru.

http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600090805&chapter=51 - The Sound of Dreams by Zrina, WIP, Ch51, SasuNaru

http://naruto.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544170987&chapter=1 - Of Sacrifices and Love by Cecilia Tsukineko and Kirei Kitsue, a SasuNaru fic with KakaIru and JiraTsuna

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1351778/1/ - Bloodlines, A Naruto Alter-Dimension Fic

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2427539/1/ - Self-Reliance, A Naruto SasuNaru-Pairing Mpreg Fic

http://mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/105816 - Diplomatic Relations by Moldoror, a GaaLee fic

http://mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_ch.php/106936/361570#fic_c - Big Heart, Drunken Fist by Maldoror, a GaaLee fic


http://fablespinner.com/ - Fablespinner's Website

http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/view/117309/ - All's Fair in love and Magic by yvaul
http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/view/117315/ - L'Eau de l'Amour by yval, prequel to All's Fair etc.

http://community.livejournal.com/daily_yuri/?skip=20&tag=color - Color, a scanlated shonen ai manga.

http://www.ravenswing.com/~keys/ - The Palace of the Keys, the old site

http://www.ephebianparadise.com/ - Ephebian Paradise, An Original Slash/Yaoi Fic Series

http://www.foxcar.info/ - Foxcar Home, The Original Furry/Anthro Slash of Foxcar

http://www.fictionpress.com – FictionPress, the original fic sister-site to FanFiction.net

http://original.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=6158 - "More Than Friends" by Dari

http://original.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=22732 - Fields of Sorrow by LYK

http://tygati.darkkingdom.com/fiction.html - Tygati's Fiction

http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2330181/1/ - The Dragon Isles by Tygati
http://maderr.livejournal.com/696070.html - The Black Dragon by Amaretto, a sequel/side-story to Dragon Isles, takes place between chapters 1 and 2 of The Dragon Isles

http://www.amasour.com/ - Amaretto Sour's (aka Maderr's) Fiction

http://maderr.livejournal.com/?skip=10&tag=prisoner - Prisoner, by Amaretto Sour/Maderr

http://www.shortpacked.com/ - Shortpacked!, A Comic Series/Parody Thing

http://www.khaoskomix.com/home.html - Khaos Komix, A Comic Series

http://original.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600091843&chapter=7 - Haunted by LittleMouse, WIP, Ch7

http://broken-moons.livejournal.com/ - Broken Moon's LJ... The Windserpent Saga, woohoo!

Peter Pan

http://www.geocities.com/draggrif/bskiss.JPG - A Pic of Billy and Slightly from the Cartoon "Peter and the Pirates" Kissing

http://dendraica.california.com/ - The Pirate's Cove, Dendraica's Peter Pan Fansite

Pitch Black / Chronicles of Riddick

http://www.tarlanx.co.uk/index.php - Tarlan's Fic Archive (I Read Only The Riddick Fics)

http://movies.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544214541 - Right Hand by LittleMouse, A Riddick/Vaako fic


http://serebii.net/ - Serebii.net: A Pokemon Fan and Info Site
http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=152027 - SerebiiForums.com, Serebii and Coronis' Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Discovery Thread

http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=charliechambers - CharlieChamber's D/P vids

http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=Marriland - Marriland's D/P Vids

http://pokemon.marriland.com/ - Marriland's Pokemon Website

http://z11.invisionfree.com/Pokemonline/index.php?act=idx - Pokemon Online, A Pokemon Forum

http://www.pokemon.com/index.weml - The Official American Pokemon Website

http://ms.nintendo-europe.com/manaphy/ - The European Manaphy Website

http://pokejungle.net/ - PokeJungle, A Pokemon Website

http://pokedream.com/ - Pokemon Dream, A Pokemon Website

http://www.filb.de/?site=games/gba/emerald/word - A Pokemon Emerald Sick-Kid Password Generator

http://tppcrpg.net/ - TPPC, A Pokemon RPG

Power Rangers

http://www.geocities.com/cobalt-blue.rm/ - Cobalt-Blue's Fan and Otherwise Fic (Mainly Power Rangers Fic)

Prince of Tennis

http://cimorene.net/cimorene/pot/wheretostart.html - Where To Start, A TeniPuri(PoT) Oishi/Eiji Fic

http://anime.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600000216 - Twist Serve by dextrousleftie, MomoRyo, Tezuka/Fuji, Oishi/Eiji, InuKai
http://anime.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600020980 - The Pain Inside by dextrousleftie, Prequel to Twist Serve, OishiEiji, Tezuka/Fuji
http://anime.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600040281 - The Serpent and the Specialist by dextrousleftie, A Prequel to Twist Serve, InuKai

Ranma 1/2

http://homepage.mac.com/dgoldsmith/writing.html - Genma's Daughter; Equal Halves; Notes from Julliard - A Ranma-is-a-girl Series

Sailor Moon

http://members.aol.com/Jendra/index.htm - A Sailor Moon Fic Archive

http://www.darkkingdom.com/dk/ - DarkKingdom.com, A 4-Generals-of-Beryl Sailor Moon Fansite (Used to Have Original Fic There Called "All's Fair In Love and Magic".

Sims / Sims 2 / Sims 3

The Sims 1


The Sims 2
http://thesims2.ea.com/update/ - Sims2 Update Page

http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/ - A Sims 2 Hack Site
http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php - The MATY Forum

http://www.simbology.com/smf/index.php - Sims 2 Hack Site

http://bbs.thesims2.ea.com/community/bbs/messages.php?&openItemID=item.44,root.1,item.61,item.104,item.127,item.23&threadID=a6482f94ebef3bedf3c775c100e73b85&directoryID=24&startRow=1#d9b1eb0c29bbd8e1691e077994464a82 - A Sims2 Tutorial Thread

http://www.snootysims.com/ - Snooty Sims, A Sims2 Fansite

The Sims 3
http://thesims3.ea.com/home.php - Sims 3 official website


http://www.fanfiction.net/u/127976/ - Kaeru Shisho's AFF profile

Sleepy Hollow

http://www.angelfire.com/ga2/highadventure/slasharch.html - Katatonico's Library, has good Horseman/Ichabod fics

http://belladonna.org/shslash.html - Slash Hollow, a Sleepy Hollow slash site


http://www.sabershadowkat.com/ - Sabershadowkat.com Portal
http://www.sabershadowkat.com/smallville/smallville.html - Smallville Fanfiction by Henry Jones Jr.
http://www.sabershadowkat.com/smallville/datewiththepresident.html - A Date With The President, A Clex Fic
http://www.sabershadowkat.com/smallville/familyfriendshipandlove.html - Family, Friendship, and Love, A Clex Fic
http://sabershadowkat.com/smallville/FFLTimeline.html - Family, Friendship and Love that Lasts a Lifetime, Sequel Series of Interconnected One-Shots, A Clex Fic Series

http://calicodragon.com/k&t/ - Loving Kon & Tim (Favoured Fic - Sea Foam Princess by Esse)

http://www.intimations.org/fanfic/#Smallville - Smallville Fanfic by Shalott
http://www.intimations.org/fanfic/smallville/Reconcilable_Differences.html - Reconcilable Differences, A Clex Fic
http://www.intimations.org/fanfic/smallville/Vacation.html - Vacation, Sequel to Reconcilable Differences, A Clex & Kon/Tim Fic

http://www.tthfanfic.com/Story-9766/Feygan Twisted Fairy Tales.htm - Twisted Fairy Tales, A Clex Fic

Sorcerer Hunters

http://anime.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=3909 - How To Mend A Broken Carrot, A Glacest Fic

Stargate SG1/Stargate Atlantis

http://community.livejournal.com/jackslashdaniel/210137.html#cutid1 - Babette's Plague by kellifer, John/Rodney, Jack/Daniel

http://community.livejournal.com/sga_flashfic/156116.html - The Convenient Husband Part One, by mz_bstone

http://www.wraithbait.com/viewstory.php?sid=4440&warning=12 - The Spare by Rachel Sabotini, McShep, AU

Star Trek

http://kagedtiger.livejournal.com/2928.html - Past Sorrows, Present Joy by Kagedtiger, Spock/Kirk, ST XI
http://kagedtiger.livejournal.com/3499.html - Future Bliss by Kagedtiger, Spock/Kirk, ST XI
http://kagedtiger.livejournal.com/3954.html - Out of Time, Parts One and Two, by Kagedtiger, Spock/Kirk, ST XI

http://awarrington.livejournal.com/8923.html - Coming Home by Amanda Warrington, complete, part 20/20 but with links to previous chapters, Spock/Kirk, ST XI

Star Wars

http://www.siubhan.com/sithacademy/ - Sith Academy, A Star Wars Slash Series

Tales of Symphonia

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4129579/9/Trust – Trust by Renee Higgins, WIP, Ch9, Zelos/Lloyd

The Fast and the Furious

http://www.sundive.co.uk/furious/ - Fast and the Furious Slash Fic

http://movies.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544191327 - Roads of Truth, Dom/Brian

http://assignations.org/joelawson/ - Judas Kiss by Joe Lawson, Dom/Brian

The Mighty Ducks

http://www.queertet.net/ - The Mighty Queertet [Queertet Revisited], A Mighty Ducks Fansite
http://www.queertet.net/Archive/viewstory.php?sid=8&warning=3 - Tales from the Shoebox, A Louis/Averman Fic


Carwash Series by Yukihoshino
http://community.livejournal.com/beexsam/84772.html - Road Side Assistance
http://community.livejournal.com/beexsam/122596.html - Working at the Carwash
http://community.livejournal.com/beexsam/174441.html - Shouldn't Parking Garages have better Security
http://community.livejournal.com/beexsam/189636.html - Meetings of the Best Kind
http://community.livejournal.com/beexsam/320281.html - Holoform PWP
http://community.livejournal.com/beexsam/318154.html - You Might Not Ever Get Rich

Writing Help / Anime Help

http://www.absoluteanime.com/ - Absolute Anime, An Anime Info Archive

http://www.seventhsanctum.com/ - Seventh Sanctum, a Fun Site
http://www.seventhsanctum.com/www/wwwfull.html - A Way With Worlds, A How-To For Writers

http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/getwriting - Get Writing, a BBC Site

http://www.coveworld.net/eberron/goblin_translator.html - A Common (English) to Goblin Translator

http://www.boysonboysonfilm.com/ - Boys on Boys on Film, a website about shonen-ai and yaoi anime/manga/games/movies

http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/index.php/Main_Page - A Parody Site to Wikipedia

http://www.lysator.liu.se/~johol/netbooks/CarnalGuide/carnal.txt - Online D&D Book of Sex

http://www.anipike.com/classic/ - Anipike Classic

http://www.anipike.com/ - Anipike New

http://cheysuli.envy.nu/index2.html - Plot Bunny Farm

http://www.behindthename.com/ - Behind the Names, the etymology and history of first names

http://www.last-names.net/ - Last Names, a list of Surnames.

http://www.fleurdelis.com/meanings.htm - Heraldry Meanings

http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/mgmh.html - A Plant Website

http://www.gemstone.org/index_gemsite.html - International Coloured Gemstones Association website

Weiss Kruez

http://sailormac.web.cedant.com/stories-wk.html - Sailor Mac's WK Fic (Not In Order)

Xena / Hercules

http://wingedtora.tripod.com/id85.html - The Xena/Herc Fic Rec Page

http://web.archive.org/web/20050212215615/www.redkrowe.com/~jla/archive.html - JLA Archive (Ares/Joxer Fic)

http://www.aresjoxercupidstrife.com – The AresJoxerCupidStrife archive

http://tv.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544192122&chapter=30 - Home Unknown by karisma, WIP, Ch 30, A/J, C/S, Herm/Disc

http://www.geocities.com/Wellesley/Garden/5074/ofateaw.htm - Of Fate and War by Viccy

http://www.aresjoxercupidstrife.com/brandy.html - Fics by Brandy


http://ygo.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600100147&chapter=9 - AIM Addiction by Aki_Yume, Seto/Joey, Yami/Yugi



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